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Archiv des Monats April 2022

Call for Papers, Continental Philosophy Review


Bitte beachten Sie den folgenden Call for Papers:


Call for Papers for Special Issue:
‘Objectivity and Truth in Cassirer’s Philosophy of Culture and Philosophy of Science’
Journal: Continental Philosophy Review
Guest Editors: Tobias Endres (TU Braunschweig) and Simon Truwant (KU Leuven)

The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2022.

“Is there really something like an objective theoretical truth […]? In a time in which such questions can be raised, philosophy cannot stand aside, mute and idle.” (Cassirer, Symbol, Myth, and Culture, 61)

There is no doubt that this question, which Cassirer found indicative of the European Zeitgeist of the first decades of the twentieth century, also pervades Western culture today. In times of fake news, conspiracy theories, alternative facts, and science denial, as well as the rise of political myth and the erosion of expertise and democratic institutions, doubt about the possibility of objectivity and truth is a defining characteristic of contemporary culture. Hence, if we follow Cassirer, philosophy has once again a crucial societal duty to fulfill: the duty to safeguard some notion of objectivity and of truth against epistemic and cultural relativism, skepticism, and indifference.

This collection of essays reconsiders the enduring relevance of Cassirer’s own philosophy in view of this challenge. In view of the current crisis of truth, we ask what Cassirer’s theory of culture and of science can teach us about the plurality, relativity, or universality of human understanding.


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