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Archiv des Monats Mai 2017

2018 APA Eastern Division Conference in Savannah, Georgia, United States


Unser Mitglied Simon Truwant wird die Cassirer-Sektion bei der nächsten APA Eastern Division Conference vom 3.-6. Januar 2018 in Savannah (Georgia) leiten. Bitte beachten Sie hierzu den folgenden Call for Papers:


Abstracts on all topics are welcome, but special consideration will be given to papers on the following topic: ‘Cassirer in the 21st century: the cultural topicality of the philosophy of symbolic forms’.
Despite becoming more and more known again within philosophical circles, Cassirer is still (too) often considered a representative of an outdated, 20th century, way of thinking about human culture. We wish to gather papers that discuss the ongoing relevance of the philosophy of symbolic forms, not so much for contemporary philosophy, but for societal issues in today’s culture like, for instance, globalization and economic and ideological crises. Within this topic, papers could address issues pertaining to science, economy, politics, art, … or the interaction and/or demarcation between these cultural domains.


Please send your abstract (ca. 300 words) by June 10, 2017 to Dr. Simon Truwant ( You will be informed about the result by early July.